Warranty Policy

XL’s 5-3-1 Warranty.

The Best Warranty in the Heavy Haul Industry!

XL Specialized Trailers (unless otherwise specified) include a full 5-year warranty on structure and frame, a full 3-year warranty on paint, and a full 1-year warranty on the remainder of the trailer (parts and components). For a warranty claim or information regarding the warranty on your XL Specialized Trailer, please contact our customer service/warranty department by emailing directly at warranty@xlspecializedtrailer.com.

Current policy is valid on trailers invoiced January 1, 2021 and after.

Warranty is only valid with a Registered Trailer.

XL Specialized Trailers Limited Warranty Policy (S-500)

New trailers manufactured by XL Specialized Trailers are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for the time periods specified below, subject to the limitations as specified below. Covered equipment will be repaired or replaced, at XL’s option, provided that such equipment is returned, at the customer’s expense, to XL’s plant or a repair facility pre-approved by XL. This warranty applies to all units invoiced on and after January 1, 2021 as follows:

5-Year Structural Coverage

XL’s 5 year structural warranty (excluding BD , Expandable and T-Series trailers) covers the (2) main inner structural beams running front to rear across the length of the trailer, plus the cross members and outer rails of the main load bearing deck. The warranty is as follows:

5 Years – 100% Structural Coverage

3-Year Paint Coverage

XL’s 3 year paint warranty covers peeling or delamination and cracking or checking of the paint. This excludes the following:

  1. Paint deterioration, scratching or chipping on surfaces caused by normal wear and tear, abuse, improper care, abrasive polishes, cleaning agents, heavy-duty pressure washing, accidents or acts of nature.
  2. Paint over Galvanizing is excluded from warranty coverage.

1-Year Parts Coverage

a. Axles and suspension (excludes shocks, airbags)
b. Landing gear assemblies
c. XL manufactured components (which include, but are not limited to wheel covers, flip ramps and pullout lights)
d. Air, electrical and hydraulic components (which include, but are not limited to shocks, seals, caps, hubs, drums, decking and tarp systems)

*For parts, we request the defective part be shipped back to XL prior to warranty coverage.

2-Year Structural Coverage for Side Dump

XL’s 2 year structural warranty on Side Dump trailers covers the main structural members running from front to rear along the length of the trailer. This includes main load bearing beams, tub assembly, and crossmembers. The warranty is as follows:

2 Years – 100% Structural Coverage

1-Year Structural Coverage for BD & T-Series & Expandable Trailers

XL’s 1 year structural warranty on BD (Bellydump) and T-Series (T, TT, SDT) and Expandable (MGX) trailers covers the main structural beams running front to rear across the length of the trailer which includes cross members and outer rails of the main load bearing deck. The warranty is as follows:

1st Year – 100% Structural Coverage

5-Year Galvanizing Coverage

XL’s 5 year galvanizing warranty protects all hot dip galvanized (HDG) structural members from corrosion in accordance with ASTM A-123. This excludes the following:

a. Any components mounted to a galvanized trailer not HDG coated (ie. Suspension, axles, etc.)
b. The breaking or flaking of zinc coating that does not affect protection from corrosion
c. Scratching and chipping of the zinc on surfaces due to normal wear or abuse 

XL Specialized Trailers Limited Warranty Policy Conditions 


II. XL limited warranty coverage begins on the earlier of (1) the date the dealer sells the trailer to the customer, or (2) 6 months after the date XL invoices the trailer to the dealer, or (3) dealer sells the trailer providing the Quarterly PM Schedule is completed by the dealer and documented by XL.
III. Once the warranty period begins it cannot be stopped or interrupted.
IV. This warranty extends only to the First User and is non-transferable.
V. All decisions regarding whether to repair or replace a trailer, or any part thereof, will be made at XL’s sole discretion.

VI. All structural related warranty claims must be accompanied by most recent 3rd party scale tickets to demonstrate weight requirements being followed.
VII. XL shall have no liability under this warranty for damages resulting from an accident or a collision, or for products that were subject to abuse, alteration, misuse or extraordinary usage of any kind, or:

  1. Operation at speeds exceeding the capabilities of the trailer.
  2. Use not in conformity with the instructions and warnings in the Operator’s Manual for the trailer.
  3. Loading a trailer beyond the rated capacity specified by XL on the vehicle identification plate, including exceeding the guidelines for concentrated load ratings.
  4. Natural calamity, theft, vandalism and improper site conditions
  5. Any other improper storage, maintenance, repair, or use of the trailer is illegal
  6. Rework which is a result of any of the above.
  7. Dragging the trailer such that is touches the ground while in operation will cause enough friction and heat to melt steel, which in turn will decrease structural integrity, which in turn will void this warranty.

VII. XL’s warranty does not cover:

a. Components that may normally be expected to be replaced during the warranty period. Such components include, but are not limited to; tires, light bulbs, brake linings, brake drums, air hoses, air lines and exposed electrical wiring.
b. Normal maintenance time, including but not limited to; normal installation of kits, tightening bolts, loose fittings, hoses and air lines.
c. Equipment that has been repaired, replaced or altered by someone other than XL or an authorized representative of XL, without expressed written consent from XL.
d. Parts, accessories, and components manufactured or supplied by someone other than XL, including, but not limited to; tires, axles, suspensions, wheel hubs, rims, brake linings, and landing gear.

VIII. XL’s liability with respect to any claim or loss arising out of the manufacture, sale or use of any of its products, whether resulting from an act or omission by XL, whether XL was negligent or not, and whether the claim arises in contract, tort, or otherwise, is limited to the purchase price paid for the product at issue, or, at XL’s discretion, the cost to repair the product. In no event shall XL be liable for any bodily injury, death, or property damage arising out of or in any way related to the manufacture, sale, or use of any of its products. XL is not responsible for any financial losses or expenses incurred due to an inability to use a trailer, including, but not limited to, lodging expenses, fuel costs, towing charges, loss or spoilage of cargo, damage to cargo, storage fees, lost revenues, lost profits, or any other resulting expenses or damages. IN NO EVENT SHALL XL BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR SPECIAL DAMAGES, LOSSES OR EXPENSES.

IX. XL’s warranty applies only if the party seeking warranty coverage follows and complies with the Warranty Claim Submission Procedures and Instructions (S-501).