Trailer Registration

Trailers must be registered within 10 days of sale to First User in order for the trailer to be covered under warranty. Fill out the electronic form below or download pdf and submit to:

XL Specialized Trailers
1086 South 3rd Street
P.O. Box 400
Manchester, IA 52057
Fax: 563-927-4883

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 Owner Information

 Dealer Information

 Trailer Information

Service Agreement

By checking the box below this form the dealer and owner certify and agree to the following items:
1. Safety Decals: Dealer has explained importance of safety decals and has ensured all safety decals are installed.
2. Trailer Operations: Dealer has completed all assembly.
3. Pre-Delivery: Dealer has checked all operations and made any required repairs.
4. Manual Review: Dealer has given Owner the Operator’s Manual, explained that manual to the owner, and reviewed all safety points and instructions with the owner.
5. Warranty: Dealer and Owner have read the XL Specialized Trailers Limited Warranty Policy (S-500) and reviewed coverage and conditions.
6. Claim Submission: Dealer and Owner agree (1) to only submit warranty claims that are covered under the Limited Warranty; and (2) to submit claims in accordance with the specified procedures and instructions. Dealer acknowledges and agrees that the dealership will have no right to credits, reimbursement, or other compensation for parts, labor, or other expenses relating to items not covered by XL’s Limited Warranty, or for claims that are not submitted in accordance with XL’s Warranty Claim Submissions Procedures and Instructions and this Service Agreement.
7. Service: Owner agrees to maintain and service trailer according to TMC (Technology & Maintenance Council) guidelines found at
8. Registration: Attach proof of sale document to this form and return to XL. I have read and understand XL’s Limited Warranty Policy and Warranty Claim Submissions Procedures and Instructions.

 have been completed and agree to warranty, claim and service terms.