Heavy Haul Trailer

XL BladeMate

  • XL 90 BladeMate

    XL 90 BladeMate

  • XL BladeMate

    XL BladeMate

  • XL 90 BladeMate

    XL 90 BladeMate

  • XL 90 BladeMate - pullout bumper

    XL 90 BladeMate - pullout bumper

  • XL 90 BladeMate

    XL 90 BladeMate

  • XL 90 BladeMate

    XL 90 BladeMate

The XL BladeMate provides a specialized solution for hauling wind tower blades. This versatile heavy-haul wind trailer can be adjusted to fit any size or brand of blade. It features a unique hydraulically operated self-steering system which increases safety and efficiency by automatically keeping the axles in line with the kingpin. At 184-feet fully extended, length is not an issue. All of the telescoping trailer beams, as well as the pullout bumper, use XL’s trusted extendable technology to create a hassle-free extension. 

  • A wireless remote controls the steering system and can be used to switch to over steering.

  • 24-inch rolling and non-rolling load bunks are positionable on any area of the beam to accommodate various blade models. 

  • Self-steering system automatically rotates axles to keep them in alignment with the truck at all times. The kingpin rotates and prompts the axles to track with it.

  • Pigtail hooks hold air and electric lines; they are not welded to trailer so they are easily replaced if broken and offer adjustability.

  • A 20-foot rear non-load-bearing bumper can be pulled into position by two men for fast set-up.

  • The 53-foot long trailer extends to over 184' using a telescoping beam system.

  • The telescoping main beam and pullout bumper use XL's trusted extendable technology to extend smoothly. 

  • XL’s new premium paint process, featuring sandblasting, includes a full 1 year warranty

  • The XL BM is prepped for deck inserts which allow you to reach over 200 feet in length overall. 

  • D.O.T. approved 12V sealed Grote harness with 7 year warranty

  • Red/green indicator lights on the toolbox front and rear signal if the power unit is on or off. 

  • Always striving to surpass market standards, all new XL products feature a 5 year structural warranty

  • A beacon alerts the driver and pilot car if the axles turn out of rotation (3° or more).

  • XL’s one piece construction results in stronger products. Trailer I-beams are made from one piece web and flange and then welded on all sides

Model Trailer Capacity
XL BladeMate 90,000 lb

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