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XL Specialized Step Deck

  • XL 70 Step Deck

    XL 70 Step Deck

  • XL 70 Step Deck

    XL 70 Step Deck

  • XL 80 Step Deck

    XL 80 Step Deck

  • XL 110 Step Deck

    XL 110 Step Deck

  • XL 100 Step Deck

    XL 100 Step Deck

  • XL 100 Step Deck

    XL 100 Step Deck

The XL Step Deck is the heaviest duty Step Deck in the market. Designed to withstand years of use, your XL Step Deck will still be on the road when others are not. Truly built to last, these trailers have great resale value in the market. XL Step Decks offer versatility in specialized hauling through its low profile design.

  • Built with T-1 flanges and 80k web for superior strength

  • I-beam cross members on 12” centers

  • Knee braces in lieu of pipe braces

  • Empty weight as low as 11,500 lb for lightweight strength

  • XL’s new premium paint process, featuring sandblasting, includes a full 1 year warranty

  • D.O.T. approved 12V sealed Grote harness with 7 year warranty

  • Always striving to surpass market standards, all new XL products feature a 5 year structural warranty

  • XL’s one piece construction results in stronger products. Trailer I-beams are made from one piece web and flange and then welded on all sides

Model Trailer Capacity
XL 70-SD 70,000 lb overall, Concentrated: 50,000 lb in 10'
XL 80-SD 80,000 lb overall, Concentrated: 60,000 lb in 10'
XL 90-SD 90,000 lb overall, Concentrated: 70,000 lb in 10'
XL 100-SD 100,000 lb overall, Concentrated: 80,000 lb in 10'

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