West Coast Heavy Haul Trailer

XL MGX: Mechanical Gooseneck Expandable

  • XL 100 MGX

    XL 100 MGX

  • 100MGX


  • XL 100 MGX

    XL 100 MGX

  • XL 100 MGX

    XL 100 MGX

  • XL 100 MGX

    XL 100 MGX

  • 100MG


The rear deck of the XL MGX expands from 102 inches wide to 120 inches wide using two 8-inch air
cylinders. This is especially beneficial for drivers in the Western US, yet it also offers flexibility across the country. Eliminate an over-width return trip with the MGX.

  • Drive over rough terrain with confidence thanks to the walking beam
    suspension, which also features greaseless bushings

  • Tail channel design protects the lights from damage

  • Beaver tail with traction aids at the rear, hook-on ramps available

  • Lightweight design for impressive payload capacity

  • Rear deck expands to 10 feet wide using 6-inch air cylinders

  •  Tapered front gooseneck design

  • Dual King Pin settings at 98" & 84"  Swing Clearance

Model Trailer Capacity
XL 90 MGX 90,000 lb overall; 90,000 lb in 15' concentrated
XL 100 MGX 100,000 lb overall; 100,000 lbs in 15' concentrated

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